Diploma Terms and Conditions

Woodlife Trails Diploma Terms and Conditions V5.0 – Updated January 2016

Amendments October 2017 in red

The Woodlife Trails Diploma Programmes in Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History is a competency-led, nature-based study programme on three QCF levels Level 3, 4 and 5. This information should be read carefully before registering for a Diploma Programme. It should also be read in conjunction with the general Woodlife Trails Terms and Conditions relating to courses found on http://woodlife.co.uk.

Upon completion, submission and acceptance of the registration form the client/participant named on the registration form will have entered into a binding contract on the basis of the following terms and conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions. The registration form includes receipt by email and acceptance of the online electronic registration form.

1. General

Woodife Trails Ltd is offering Woodlife Trails Diplomas in Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History (Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5.)

On registration, the client/participant accepts the conditions laid out in these terms and conditions and additionally accepts the terms and conditions relating to Woodlife Trail’s Courses.

2. Structure

The Diploma Programmes are offered on three levels in accordance with the Qualification & Credit Framework (QCF). Each Level is a stand-alone Diploma but each level must be taken in chronological order to achieve the highest awards. The next level cannot be commenced until the previous level is fully or nearly completed at a Woodlife Trails’ Director’s discretion, although elements of the next level may be prepared.

Even though each level has been designed to be undertaken and completed within 12 months, there is no requirement to complete a level within the 12 month period.

The participant cannot commence the next level until 12 months following the start of the previous level. For registration purposes, the Diploma year runs from March to March.

All units, elements and learning objectives on each level must be completed and signed off by an assessor before the level is complete. The Diploma will not be awarded until all learning objects have been completed and signed off.

The learning objectives, units and elements to be achieved are laid out in the Record of Achievement document. Woodlife Trails reserves the right to amend any of these objectives, elements and units at any time during the programme.

3. Recognise Prior Learning (RPL)

Woodlife Trails will take into account prior experience of participants as long as the participant can evidence this. RPL will only be accepted:

a) In consultation with both Woodlife Trails Directors

b) In agreement with the assessor for that element;

c) Only when elements are being claimed which are considered not essential to health and safety.

4. Fees

Full payment for the whole level will fix the price for the amount of time it takes to complete the level.

Once registration is accepted, participants must pay a deposit of £195. The deposit will be deducted from the final balance. No learning materials will be sent to the participant until the deposit has been received.

The balance for each level can be made up of monthly payments only by agreement with Woodlife Trails directors; the first payment being at least one calendar month prior to the commencement of that level and after a deposit has been received.

Monthly payments must be received and cleared with Woodlife Trails Ltd within the first 7 working days of the calendar month otherwise the participant will forfeit their continued attendance on the programme. Please contact Woodlife Trails if there are problems with payments.

The next level may not be commenced until payment for the previous level is fully complete.

The Diploma handbook will be provided to participants on payment of the deposit.

In the event of attendance on an extended expedition (a week-long course or overseas expedition) there may be a surcharge on the level fee.

5. Cancellation, Non-Attendance and Removal

If the participant elects to discontinue the level, or cannot continue their obligations to the programme, they will forfeit their payment if paid in full.

If a partipant fails to attend Diploma weekends and fails to meet their monthly payment obligations, they will be removed from the Diploma programme without notice and will forfeit any deposits or payments already made.

Woodlife Trails reserves the right to remove a participant from the programme without notice. Reasons for removal could include constant non-adherance to health & safety, drug use, aggressive behaviour, and non-attendance on mandatory courses (not exhaustive.) In this instance, refunds can be negotiated; however final discretion will sit with Woodlife Trails Directors.

Woodlife Trails reserves the right to cancel any Diploma programmes without notice. In this instance, the current month and any advanced payments will be refunded. Payments for previous months already made including deposits will not be refunded.

Registration, part or full payment of the balance or continued monthly payments until the balance is paid, entitles the participant to attend all courses and events organised by Woodlife Trails subject to availability (see 6.).

Programme fees do not include travel, accommodation (prior or subsequent to the event), catering, clothing, books, stationary or equipment. All Woodlife Trails courses are self-catering (see particular course requirements for specific course instructions.)

6. Entitlements

The level fee entitles the participant to attend the three mandatory courses prescribed for each level at nil cost. The courses are listed in the appropriate level documentation. These courses are scheduled courses the dates of which are listed on Woodlife Trails Website Calendar. Participants will be updated as to the availability of each course or event.

The level fee also includes attendance at nil cost on any other regularly scheduled courses or events organised by Woodlife Trails (subject to availability and bookings) for a 12 months period from initial registration. The course must be at the level that the participant is undertaking and not above. Events are listed on Woodlife Trails Website Calendar. Participants will be updated as to the availability of each course or event. Woodife Trails reserves the right to exclude Diploma participants from a particular course or event. Courses at a higher level may be offered by Woodlife Trails at discounted prices.

If the participant has not completed the level after the 12 month free period, the participant may continue the Diploma level by agreement with Woodlife Trials directors but cannot attend the weekend events. However the participant may attend further events and courses at the discretion of Woodlife Trails directors for assessment purposes on payment of a camping fee (currently £55 per weekend.)

Woodlife Trails reserves the right to cancel any advertised scheduled courses or events without notice. In the event that a scheduled course or event is cancelled for any reason Woodlife Trails will notify the participant as soon as possible.

Woodlife Trails reserves the right to exclude participants at short notice to a particular scheduled course or event because of unforeseen circumstances. In this case Woodlife Trails will notify the participant as soon as possible.

There is no obligation to participate in any courses with the exception of the courses allocated as mandatory for that level.

Assessments and additional tuition may be organised by the participant outwith Woodlife Trails courses and events, but only with the agreement of the primary tutor/assessor for that element and this may be at the additional expense of the participant.

7. Participants’ Obligations – Attendance

The participant must attend the mandatory courses allocated to that level. This is where the majority of the learning and tuition takes place as well as practical assessments.

Most tuition sessions and assessments are practically-based and there is an expectation that participants will attend other Woodlife Trails events for additional tuition and assessment.

Woodlife Trails endeavours to run Diploma weekends specifically for Diploma participants sometimes in conjunction with other courses but these are subject to availability and not guaranteed.

The participant must accept that there is no guarantee that all the required assessments will be carried out during an attendance at a particular event. Discussions between the participant and the primary assessor should take place prior to the event to determine what is achievable during an attendance a Diploma weekend.

All Woodlife Trails courses and events are held in the outdoors. Participants must bring the necessary and appropriate clothing and equipment for the event and time of year. Participants may be excluded from the weekend if it is deemed they do not have suitable clothing or equipment for the weekend.

8. Assessment

Methods of assessments for each learning objective are annotated on the Record of Achievement (ROA). Most assessments can be negotiated with the primary assessor.

If there is a disagreement as to whether the assessment has been achieved or not, a secondary assessor will be consulted and will decide whether the assessment has been achieved.

An electronic copy of the ROA held by the assessor(s) will be evidence of the assessments achieved by the participant.

9. Level awards

On completion of each Diploma Level (Levels 3, 4 or 5), the participant is entitled to receive the appropriate level award.

The participant accepts that the Diploma Programme is not accredited with an awarding body.

10. Copyright

The Woodlife Trails Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History Diploma Programmes are protected by copyright. The client agrees not to copy, reproduce or broadcast the course or part of the course without the express permission of Woodlife Trails.

The participant also recognises attendance of a Woodlife Trails courses and events in no way qualifies him/her to teach the course content. It is not intended that any instructions provided to any client(s) while on a course will in any way qualify those client(s) to instruct any third party & no warranty is made to that effect.

Woodlife Trails hereby excludes any liability it might have to any third party in respect of any loss or damage suffered or incurred by that third party in its reliance on any skills taught by any client(s) on the basis of having attended any Woodlife Trails courses or sessions.

11. Woodlife Trails Ltd is registered in England and Wales at Companies House.

Company Registration Number: 7931032
Registered Office: Headley House, 16A Orsett Road, Grays Essex, RM17 5DL info@woodlife.co.uk

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