Tracking Courses

Tracking Courses


Join the Woodlife Trails elite!

… by coming on one of our wildlife tracking courses.

We have 4 wildlife tracker courses…

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Tracking Fundementals

A one day version of the Wilderness Immersion course where you learn the fundemntals of tracks and signs ID; woodland awareness and other techniques to get you started.


Wilderness Immersion (weekend course)

This course gives you the tools to start you off tracking but fundementally changes your outlook on your interaction with nature. The weekend allows you to get close and personal to woodland inhabitants in an an ancient forest (courtesy of the National Trust) where we literally immerse you into the forest. Be prepared to camp on your own and emerge with wide-eyes!

Woodland Tracker

Woodland Tracker (weekend course)

This is an intermediate tracking course which teaches you more technical aspects of tracking including a number of different tracking techniques. We also explore foot and leg morphology, gait patterns and micro tracking amongst other things.

Forest Tracker

Forest Tracker (weekend course)

This course combines, revisits and reviews all the other courses but takes you a huge step further. We will enhance your tracking to higher degrees and explore the art of surveillance and trailing. Unfortunately this amazing course is only available to those who have completed the Immersion or Woodland Tracker course.

All the courses take place in the National Trust’s Hatfield Forest unless notified otherwise.

For more information on individual courses, please click on the links provided.

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