Current Winter Kit List

By Pablo |



Karrimor SF 75

Shoulder bag (tools and accessories)


Alpkit SkyHigh 800

Exped down mat

Exped Down mat

Highlander campbed

Base camp – Highlander camp bed (with tarp) or


DD Scout Hammock




Snugpak Stratosphere

Tatonka Tarp 2 (3m x 3m) or


Titanium Goat Vertex 5 tipi

Folding sit mat


Torch pack

Alpkit Head Torch

Alpkit Gamma Headtorch

Spare batteries


Small Utility pack

6 Alu tent pegs

10m paracord

2 x hi-vis guy lines

Tea light candle


First Aid kit



Harlika lynx gtx_1

Harkila Lynx GTX boots

Woolpower 200gr (Base)

Woolpwer sweater

Woolpower 400g (mid)

Old button-up Swaandri


Snowsled Ventile Classic smock or

Deet hinter gamestalker-II-anorak-camo

Deer hunter Gamestalker smock

Long Johns (depends on temp)

Surplus Cargo trousers (Outer)

Swedish army winter cap

Swedish Army Winter cap

highlander winter hat

Highlander Cold weather hat

Hat (cap)

Ullfrotte Merino wool balaclava (Hammock)

Spare socks

Thinsulate woollen fingerless gloves


Tool pack

GB wilderness hatchet

Spoon knife

Frosts Small carving knife

Silky Pocketboy Saw


Falkniven DC4 Sharpening




Tinder pouch



jp pouch 1

Custom leather pouch


Leatherman Charge


Brusletto Stromeng

Puuko/Stromeng Leuko Combi knives


Neck Carry

Micro Torch

Jet Scream Whistle

Button compass




Bushbuddy with Trangia burner with TracPac billy


mini trangia

Mini Trangia

Primus Litech Frying pan

Plastic Thermo Drinking cup

Crusader cup

nato water

1 litre NATO water bottle

4 litre MSR Dromedary water bag


Hygiene Pack

collapsible bowl

Collapsible bowl

Foot powder

Antispetic wipes

Hygiene liquid



Instant porridge mix

Bacon, eggs, tortillas (edible plate)

Mini bars chocolate

Mixed nuts raisons

2 x instant soup

Pre-prepared stew or fresh meat and vegetables or boil in a bag

Tea & sugar

Brandy (Medicinal!!)


Additional (Tracking)

Tracking stick; Green torch; Measuring tape

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2 Responses to "Current Winter Kit List"

  1. AA says:

    Can I just ask, what’s in your Janus pouch?

  2. Pablo says:

    Hi. I got a blue flame lighter, sachet of fuel gel, a bit of a bicycle inner tube (old survival habits die hard!) mini monocular, antispetic wipe, first aid plaster, headache tablets, water purification tabs, toilet paper, silver emergency foil blanket, small firesteel, small ruler, mini tweezers, some fishing line (for fixing things not fishing!), all in one thermometer, magnifying glass and compass. Best bit of kit MaxP made IMO.

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