Bespoke Group, Corporate or Individual Development Courses

Location: Various

Course type: All levels

Suitable for:  Environmental groups, Works days-out; Corporate Groups; Scouts; Cadets; Individuals

Previous Experience Required: None

Duration: As required

Cost: You will be sent a quote

Dates: To suit you

At Woodlife Trails we appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all; therefore we have developed a unique ‘Pick and Mix’ method of customising your own course content according to the needs of your group or you, the individual.

Any groups are considered – for example a fun day out for your Work’s Social Group; perhaps a Corporate Group wishing to develop team-work or other skills; an Environmental group wishing to enhance knowledge of the woodland and forest resources and inhabitants; School parties wishing to extend knowledge of the nature and the environment; Youth groups wishing to develop teamwork, individual independence and confidence; Scout groups (survival, outdoor and bushcraft skills); Cadet groups (wilderness survival, combat team-mantracking and bushcraft).

We can also travel to visit you in your own environment in order for you to reap the benefits of knowing what’s about and how to use those resources close to you.

As an individual, you may prefer learning one-to-one as opposed tolearning in a large group or you may need to hone a specific skill or skills. You can do this too.

Obviously, we will have to negotiate a price depending on where you are, what services you will require from us and what dates would suit both of us, but I think you will be surprised at how flexible we can be.

Woodlife Trails guides have extensive experience in developing adult team groups (including police and security forces) or more informal relaxing days or weekends. Our skilled guides will provide intriguing and eye-opening debriefs to develop your group or team if required following outdoor team or individual tasks. It will also promote individual self-confidence.

We are also experienced in leading children and young adults groups (Coyote Kids and Cadet groups).

We will work with you to formulate a course or programme according to your needs and requirements. This may include a visit to your establishment or woods. We suggest you start off by giving us an idea of who you are and what you might want (see below)

The sessions could include:

Basic bushcraft skills; carving; fire-lighting; shelter; advice on any aspects of outdoor living.

Advanced skills; Carving or bushcrafts; overseas expedition preparation; survival advice for any continent.

Corporate team-building or social events including team-building exercises and team debrief & evaluations.

Wildlife, plantlife, tree and environment identification for resource use.

Any outdoor or team skills you or your group would like to progress.

Introduction to tracking – Introduction to the ancient art of tracking; compression shapes, feeding and other signs; telling the story in the tracks; fun or serious mantracking.

Woodland walk –Identifying plants, trees, tracks and signs & hopefully some animals. Using natural resources

Fun day-out; Enhancing your appreciation of nature and the environment.

Educational visit with nature exhibits, walks or talks and presentations.


Depending on circumstances and length of course


Please go to our Pick and Mix page to help us deliver what you want

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