Forest Tracker Course

Location: Hatfield Forest, North Essex

Suitable for: Persons over 16 years old

Previous Experience Required: Previous Tracking Experience is required

Duration: 3 days (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Dates: Please see below


We are excited to introduce the latest in our series of wildlife tracker courses in the British environment.

This promises to be an extraordinary course which brings all the previous tracker courses together. It will expand and stretch your tracking skills to unimaginable heights.

This may seem a little over-exaggerated; but this course has been years in development. It promises to deliver not just tracking, nature awareness, and field-craft skills to new levels but also introduces more tracking techniques to help you achieve your aim including bracketing, jump tracking, trailing, paleo-movement and other enhanced wildlife observation techniques. We will also look at an enhanced zone-in technique.

Technically, we will also be looking in depth at bird tracks and sign and more bird behaviour.

We looked at known human senses versus animals senses in the Wilderness Immersion Course; now we will investigate other senses that animals have and we do not under the heading “Sensory Tracking.” Be prepared to keep an open mind while we explore vibration, energy, magnetism and others. Did we make use of these senses in our primitive past?

But it is the trailing techniques we will concentrate on. US trackers were originally called Trailing Men; the San used Perseverance Hunting techniques to run down their prey to exhaustion. You may not be doing the latter (!)… but you will certainly learn how to stalk at very close quarters without being detected. Just keep looking over your shoulder!

Please note – This is a level 3 (advanced) course and you should be a resonably accomplished tracker and wild-camper to undertake this course.

We will send out additional information including additional kit suggestions on receipt of your booking.


Course will start at 1800 (6pm) on Friday and finish 1500 (3pm) on Sunday

Please bring your own shelter (Tent/tarp/hammock)

The courses are self catering. Please bring food and a stove. Drinking water will be provided.

You can view our standard suggested kit list here. Please contact us if you require assistance with kit.

You will be sent the meeting point details on receipt of your final payment.

Step One – Book the Course

Forest Tracker Course

    A. Contact details

  • Please fill out this form in full and press submit at the end
  • You must be over 18 to book a course
  • B. Booking details

  • Sorry that there are no dates available. You have registered an interest for next year.
    We will let you know as soon as next year's dates are published.

  • The age limit for our courses is 6 years old or over (accompanied). Please contact us if you would like to discuss this. We may have other suitable courses. Under 16’s must be accompanied by a person over 18 on the course.
  • C. Emergency Details

  • Please complete as fully as possible. The details will not be shared unless in the unlikely event of an emergency during the course.
  • Please state below if you or any others in your party (if applicable and if known) suffer with Asthma, Allergies, Heart condition, Diabetes, Mobility issues, current injuries, other previous injury or health or mental health issues that may affect the conduct of the course. Please note: This may not prohibit them or you from taking part.
  • D. Declaration & Agreement

  • I declare that I, and the members of my group, am medically fit to undertake this course.

    I also agree and recognise that, as with any outdoor activity, there is an element of personal risk associated with the activity provided by Woodlife or Woodlife Trails as the courses take place in the outdoors. By its nature it is never free from hazard.

    While all reasonable precautions are taken to minimise the risk, I accept that accidents including serious injury can occur without Woodlife Trails or Woodlife being at fault and to that extent my taking part in a Woodlife Trails or Woodlife course is at my own risk.
  • I have read and agree with Woodlife Trails' Terms & Conditions



Step Two – Pay the Deposit or Full Amount

You must pay the deposit online now. This will guarantee you a place subject to the Terms and Conditions. Your booking may be cancelled if we do not receive payment.

We will confirm receipt by email and inform you of the balance (if applicable) which must be paid at least 1o days prior to the course.

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