Forest Tracker Course

Last weekend saw the pilot of the Forest Tracker Course – and what a course it was!


All the ingredients for a good weekend were there. It was dry, it was warm (during the day at least), we were in an ancient forest, and we had great people to share the experience.


The Forest Tracker is designed to put all the other Woodlife Trails tracker courses together and take it up a notch. We introduced an Immersive Zone-in technique, looked at sensory tracking and paleo-movement and added some more tracking techniques into the toolbox.

Some of these techniques proved particularly useful now we are encouraging the trackers to track at ever faster speeds to close the time/distance gap to their quarry. Not easy when you have to think of all the other field-craft factors involved.

But it was the trailing techniques that we were concentrating on. This is a particularly difficult skill in any environment. Not only must you get close, but you must follow the quarry. There was some successes – but with all things practice makes better. As with all things in tracking – It doesn’t take long to learn – but it takes a lifetime to master.

Our Forest trackers are at least on the road to Mastery!

Our Woodlife Trails Tracker courses are:

  • Tracking Fundamentals Day
  • Wilderness Immersion Course
  • Woodland Tracker Course
  • Forest Tracker Course

Details on our course list page



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