News Update October

WIC Oct 14 Austin

Our first Wilderness Immersion Course of the Autumn was an astonishing success. Not only did we have 9 fantastic participants, but we also had some amazing sightings and close encounters of wildlife in Hatfield Forest.

WIC Oct 14 camp

One participant came within 7-10 meters of a large Fallow stag and later some does. Badgers, more fallow deer and even a yellow-necked mouse was seen over the weekend.

WIC scene Austin

WIC Oct 14 JP

JP took the opportunity to add an extra rabbit prep session.

We would like to thank the Diploma participants for assisting in the camp set up and take down. They had their own area and continued working on their Diploma projects.

WIC Oct mist Austin

(Thanks Austin Lill  for the photos)

Earlier in the day we investigated a territorial latrine system of two badger clans and in the evening another course participant set a trail cam. The result is below. It might be short but it shows a large boar just finishing off marking the latrine (tail still up) and then coming back into shot using that famous snout to take advantage of a quick forage.

A great course and more to come in two weeks time as we run our second Immersion Course. If it’s half as good as this one, it will be great!

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