Bush Tracker Course


This is a Level 4 course designed to encourage the participants to use minimal kit for 3-days and to hone skills in tracking and bushcraft.

Each stage is designed to simulate tracking up to an animal, stalking it, shooting it (simulated) and preparing it for the pot.

Participants will be reminded how to prepare game hygienically and will also have the opportunity to learn how to fire a projectile weapon safely and accurately. The latter will simulate ‘a kill’.

The final stage will be setting up a joint camp with other participants. Using bushcraft skills, the participants will make a fire, purify water and prepare their ‘hunt’ for the pot (of course dependent of they managed to obtain a result when simulating the hunt!) 


Participants will be paired off and briefed at the Lake area, Hatfield Forest. Emergency rations will be collected from the participants. These rations are for for emergency purposes only in the event the Bush Tracker is cancelled mid-event. These rations will be held at base-camp. It is not suggested perishables are brought.

Maps will be provided. The pair should make their way to the first area where they will set up a bush-camp using lightweight equipment (tarp, bivvi, hammock, lightweight tent.) No open fires will be allowed in this area. Stoves may be used, and food & water carried in may also be used.

During this period, throughout the evening and Saturday morning, the pair should use the opportunity to track up to an animal. A photograph of the tracks or sign and a photograph of the animal at reasonably close quarters (no more than 50 m) will be evidence that this phase has been completed successfully.


After breakfast, the pairs should make their way to Woodlife Trails’ base-camp. A game prep session and a projectile weapon session will then be undertaken. Lunch (from the participants rations) can be eaten at base-camp and there will be an opportunity to resupply with fresh water.

After the sessions, the pair will proceed to another area in Hatfield Forest. Again, tracking opportunities should be taken especially if the pair have not yet tracked up to an animal. If the participants have been successful during the tracking and shooting phases, ingredients for a meal will be provided. The participants will join forces to set up camp and provide themselves with a hearty meal.


The map will show waypoints ending up at base-camp. The pairs should be at base-camp for debriefing at 11-00am.


Joining instructions will be provided prior to course commencement

Kit list


Emergency whistle

Head torch

First aid kit including field dressing

Mobile phone

Stove / cookset

Food and water for 1 night and 1 breakfast (carried in)

Emergency food for two days plus Saturday lunch meal (to be left with staff)

Sleeping bag

Tarp, lightweight tent or hammock set up.

Clothes for the season


Other kit

Participants discretion

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