Corporate Events


Woodlife Trails staff have experience in dealing with corporate groups. We recognise the importance of providing your company with the management skills required to be successful in today’s highly competitive markets. We also recognise that value for money is one of the over-riding factors in deciding the type and amount of training to provide delegates.

We can provide your company’s staff and management with a rewarding day or weekend in a woodland environment that develops and tests a huge range of management skills such as decision-making, team-working, communications, leadership, confidence and trust.

These programmes can be made challenging to enhance decision making skills and develop team-work, but they will also be enjoyable and fun. We can tailor any course or session to your requirements.

All the skills required to undertake events such as our Team-Tracking Event takes a minimum amount of time to learn thus maximising the time to put all the skills into practice.

Our scenarios are realistic and fun. Our unique woodland environment is challenging but safe. Our debriefs are succint and always link to the workplace.

We can either concentrate on specific areas you define or provide general management skills training. You can work with us to design the event, or leave our expert course designer to design an event based on previous tried and tested programmes.

Our course designer is qualified in designing management skills training having prepared events for armed-forces & law-enforcement, and all our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with corporate groups.

“Thanks for giving us the opportunity to really appreciate our surroundings and to learn skills that are useful both in business and our personal lives. A very exciting and challenging day…” Team Tracking delegate October 2011

Feel free to contact us at if you require more information.

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