Are you serious about Wildlife, Tracking and Bushcraft? We mean really serious?

We can offer you our Woodlife Trails Bushcraft, Tracking and  Natural History Diploma Programmes through structured development. Not only will you get a full programmes of learning and education covering all aspects of nature, tracking and bushcraft but it will also cover the cost of each and every scheduled course on the level you are taking for a period of 12 months (per level) plus additional weekends for Diploma participants. The programmes are suitable to anyone over 16 whatever your experience.


Although the programmes are structured around the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) they are not accredited with an awarding body. We refuse to pay an outside organisation to accredit our programmes, the subject matter they know next to nothing about!

We also believe that it takes more than a couple of weeks to earn what we consider may be a dubious ‘qualification’ or award.

To achieve our Diplomas, be prepared for a long haul and a bit of hard graft! But at least you will know you’ve earned it at the end!

Our Diploma Programmes are offered on three QCF levels and each takes 370 hours of learning (in accordance with QCF). Coverted to course and study hours it means each level should take you roughly a year.

The levels offered are at level 3, level 4 and level 5. Each are stand-alone Diplomas and the level represents the degree of difficulty (see above QCF website.) You must take each level in order if you wish to achieve the highest Level (5.)

The programme is very flexible. You don’t miss out if you can’t attend a weekend. As long as you attend the three mandatory courses per level we will try our best to accommodate your needs. We will, as far as we can, give you information, tasks and assignments online. We are not afraid to use the latest technology to help you achieve what you want to achieve. Of course, practical sessions, learning and being assessed on practical subjects would require your attendance on some of our weekends.

Our Diploma programmes have the benefit of being designed in-house by an experienced and fully qualified, training course designer and current QCF qualified assessor, who has had over 17 years experience in designing and delivering Training and Educations programmes for police and the emergency services.

Qualifications include teaching and assessing in the Training & Education Sector (Award, Certificate and Diploma in the Training & Education Levels 3,4 &5) and a Master’s degree in Training and Development Systems Management, NVQ Level 4 awards in Learning and Developement, and a Post Graduate Cert Ed in adult education.

If that isn’t enough, the programme is co-designed by someone who has a life-time experience as a Naturalist and Countryman as well as being a bushcraft instructor since 1999; skills aquired through practical application and not through academic study.

Be prepared to work hard; Be prepared to study hard; but also be prepared to achieve and receive the highest accolade that is available in the world of Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History.

Be prepared to earn one of our Woodlife Trails: Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History Diplomas.

Diploma Programme FAQs

Diploma Programme Terms and Conditions

Front Cover Record of Achievement…Diploma front page LQ (pdf)

Diploma price £795.00 (monthly payments may be available)

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