Educational Visits

Woodlife Trails staff will visit your school or organisation. We will bring with us our popular table of exhibits which includes Natural History artefacts such as animal skulls, bones, skins, feeding signs, scat, and other interesting objects designed to educate not just youngsters but people of every age.

Our aim is to heighten awareness of the Natural World and help people get physically closer to inhabitants of the woods.


The exhibits are designed to be touched and felt by the audience thereby heightening the learning.

Woodlife Trails Microscope

We also bring along our high-powered microscope to allow people to see objects in close detail.


Our owl pellet box is very popular. Youngster’s spend literally hours picking out the small mammal bones, separating them from the pellet.

As well as showing you our exhibits, we can take you for a woodland walk in your own or nearby woods to show you what you may be missing. We will help you identify plants, trees and tell you how they can be used. We will give you a few tips and tricks to help you observe the wildlife in your area by introducing you to the tracks and signs the animals leave behind.

JP Harry

We will bring along our Hawks and Owls for people to touch, admire and even fly.



Please contact us directly at to discuss your requirements



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