Instructor Module

Woodlife Trails – Level Three & Level Four Instructor Module

Burgundy shirts

Woodlife Trails has for some time developed and pioneered new techniques for delivering content and developing participants in Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History.

We pride ourselves that we not only have the depth of knowledge and skill in the chosen subjects but that we have the requisite knowledge and skill to deliver the content so that each participant, regardless of age or level of expertise, has a complete educational experience on our courses or programmes and is not just considered an attendee on the course.

We have thought long and hard about how to effectively share our knowledge and skills to an extent that we would be happy with someone else delivering the content of our courses to our total satisfaction – and after a number of years, we have decided that the time is right to offer an Instructor’s module as a bolt-on to our Diploma programmes.

Burgundy shirts

As you know, we don’t do things by halves! Our Instructor’s Module will be aligned to qualified UK adult teaching qualification and status as defined by UK government. In other words you will have a qualification based on Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training. Due to the enormous expense involved which would necessarily have to be passed on to you the customer, the programme will not be accredited with an awarding body.

Entry Qualifications:

You must have completed at least Level 3 Diploma Programme (or near completion) and you must have registered and paid for Level 4 and be prepared to complete Level 4 during the Instructor Module period OR

You must have attended and successfully passed our Potential Instructor Assessment Day.

You must also pass an initial assessment for suitability.

Module Highlights

The module will be portfolio-based similar to the current Diploma programme.

You must attend a certain number of tuition sessions throughout the period.

Throughout the programme you will be assessed on a certain number of different sessions and teaching styles.

The assessed sessions will be of increasing in length in a variety of subjects; the content you may have to research yourself.

There will be a number of assessed developmental sessions and a number of Pass/Fail sessions.

Assessments will be heavily weighted towards delivery of practical skills, Health and Safety, holistic education, and providing participants with a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

The final assessment will include organisation, management, leadership and delivery of a Woodlife Trails weekend course.

You will have other project assignments to complete including research, presentations, talk/lectures and set up of shows and events.

The module is designed to be delivered and completed within a year with registration each April, although there will be no pressure on the individual to complete the module within a year.

Attendance on all learning events, specified courses and other events will be free of charge.

Trainee instructors will wear a grey Woodlife Trails logo polo shirt.

Successful completion of the module will not mean an automatic job offer with Woodlife Trails.

The module allows tuition of Woodlife Trails Level 3 & 4 content only.


Programme Development and Assessment

The programme content has been developed jointly by a qualified Education & Training Assessor and Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History practioners with considerable joint instructional experience.

Assessments will be undertaken jointly by a qualified QCF Education and Training Assessor and Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History Instructor.

Programme completion

On successful completion of the module you will be qualified to prepare and deliver Woodlife Trails content and courses to level 3 & level 4 (see Diploma Levels)

On completion of the module you will receive an Instructor’s certificate

Successful candidates may be offered a position as a Woodlife Trails Instructor and receive the burgundy polo shirt.


This will be a challenging programme – but rewarding. On successful completion of the programme, not only will you be armed with the same skills as a qualified teacher in the UK but additionally you will have the skills and confidence to deliver Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History subjects in an outdoor environment.

Instructors Module Terms and Conditions April 2013 v 2.0 (PDF)

If you would like to register for the module please complete the form below.

Instructor Module Registration

    A. Contact details

  • Please fill out this form in full and press submit at the end
  • B. Registration

  • We will contact you to discuss payment arrangements
  • You must be 18 or over to undertake the Instructor Module
  • C. Emergency Details

  • Please complete as fully as possible. The details will not be shared unless in the unlikely event of an emergency during the course.
  • Please state below if you suffer with Asthma, Allergies, Heart condition, Diabetes, Mobility issues, current injuries, other previous injury or health or mental health issues that may affect the conduct of the course. Please note: This may not prohibit you from undertaking the module.
  • D. Declaration & Agreement

  • I declare that I am medically fit to undertake this course.

    I also agree and recognise that, as with any outdoor activity, there is an element of personal risk associated with the activity provided by Woodlife or Woodlife Trails as the courses take place in the outdoors. By its nature it is never free from hazard.

    While all reasonable precautions are taken to minimise the risk, I accept that accidents including serious injury can occur without Woodlife Trails or Woodlife being at fault and to that extent my taking part in a Woodlife Trails or Woodlife course is at my own risk.
  • I have read and agree with Woodlife Trails' Instructor Module Terms & Conditions
  • We will review your registration and inform you whether it has been accepted or not.
    We will arrange an assessment date where we will interview you and assess your skills and abilities.


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