About Our Team

The Woodlife Team has been described as a family. There’s little doubt that their hard work, professionalism and knowledge is matched only by their loyalty and dedication.

Our Team

Pablo (Director/Instructor Level 5)

WT Team 2015

The Woodlife Team – Summer 2015

Hannah Morrice (Instructor Level 4/Diploma Level 4)

Andy Cooper  (Instructor Level 4/Diploma Level 3)

Rob Gillet (Assistant/Senior Camp logistics)

Vinnie Pittman (Assistant/Camp logistics/Chef)

George Pittman (Apprentice)

Cael Hearne (Apprentice)


Intructors ‘instruct’ people to do things. At Woodlife Trails we ‘educate’ and ‘guide’ people on a journey of self-discovery through the woodland, which is an intrinsic part of the environment we live in.

All our Level 4 Instructors receive the coveted burgundy Woodlife Trails polo shirt.

 Trainee Instructors

Grey shirts

It takes great skill to guide someone along the right path. Not only must you know your subject intimately, but you must also have the ability to impart that knowledge to all ages and experiences. Above all, you must have a passion for the subject and a passion to educate others.

It will take you at least 3 years to complete our training programme, some of which will be taken up working towards our Diploma Levels Three and Four. Our Instructor’s module is challenging but rewarding. It is based on the Level 4 Certificate In Education and training.

Check out our Instructors Module here

Assistants and Mentors

Assistants are always required. This is a great opportunity to learn more about wildlife, tracking and bushcraft in slower time by assisting Woodlife Trails at shows, visits to educational establishments and on courses.

As an Assistant, you will help set up camp and keep the the central admin area safe and tidy. You will also help organise the day-to-day running of courses. At shows, you will engage with the public and promote Woodlife Trails Ltd.

You may progress towards becoming a Mentor – helping to tutor participants on various courses where appropriate.

Sorry – We don’t require any more assistants at this time.

Polite notice …

Despite some people’s assertions that they are qualified Bushcraft Instructors, there is no single, recognised national Bushcraft Instructor’s qualification in the UK, although some provider’s courses may be accredited by external organisations.

All  Woodlife Trails staff are trained to educate and develop people as opposed to ‘instructing’ them.

We have a vast array of personal adult learning qualifications to match this ethos including a Master’s degree in Learning and Development, Cert Ed., NVQ’s in adult teaching and training, NVQ assessing and counselling skills.

Every Woodlife Trails instructor has had at least 3 years experience teaching outdoor skills with other bushcraft or tracking schools or has undertaken Woodlife Trails’ own exacting 3-year instructor programme to the teaching industry’s Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, which has been designed and is delivered by a qualified trainer and assessor. 

We are all fully qualified in First Aid (HSE) and, of course, fully insured.

Our courses have been approved by the National Trust.

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