Woodlife Trails will provide TV production companies with woodland & wilderness awareness advice. We will provide information and guidance for wildlife, tracking, bushcraft , nature and outdoor living subjects.

We will  provide advice on how to track and get closer to wildlife. This will include training for camera / presentation/ TV crews.

February 2011

Woodlife Trails provided Red House TV commissioned by Channel 4 with an informative insight into the urban fox, challenging people’s prejudices and perceptions and talking to occupants of houses with fox “problems”.

The crew followed JP and Pablo as they tracked foxes in various urban gardens, providing evidence of the fox’s presence and correctly identifying routes in and out and interpreting behaviour from the signs left behind.  They also identified the reasons for the fox’s presence in the garden and gave advice on camera to the occupants on how to deter the fox without causing the fox harm.


June 2011

Pablo and JP were interviewed at the Bushcraft Show in the Lake District for an education programme made on behalf of Lancaster County Council. They explained the importance of outdoor activities and a holistic approach to reconnecting with nature in the education of children, especially relating to perceived risk versus benefits.

August 2013

JP was consulted by Jamie Oliver’s Production Company, Fresh One Productions to provide information on  a programme about foraging and hedgerow ingredients.

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