Bespoke Woodland Craft Course - February 2011"… the day went exactly as planned. Which was everything I wanted out of the day… very informative. I have learn’t new skills which will help in my hobby. I’m sure I will be arranging more days training with you in the future.
Well done JP and Woodlife."
Family Pairs Course - April 2011"...what a fantastic weekend myself and my son have just had with you. It was full of fun and education and i would recomend it to everyone no matter what their age as both myself and son thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We have learnt lots of new skills and and our heads are filled with information. Thank you we will be back!"
Wilderness Immersion Course - April 2011"A real eye opener, Can't wait for the advanced version. It really was an AMAZING weekend i have come away with so much more understanding, and a huge toolkit to use when i'm out watching Wildlife, combined with a knowledge of bushcraft you're unstoppable. I cannot recommend this course highly enough for anybody who has a genuine interest in getting closer to wildlife, you wil come away with a new found understanding and knowledge of abillities and techniques you never new you had let alone understood. TRULY AWESOME."
Wilderness Immersion Course - April 2011"I've dabbled around for years viewing nature here and there but you've now provided a structure and insight which should move me up a gear or two, the technical information was great too... Really struggling to set the buzz to one side this morning to attend to the day job...million thanks again..."
Wilderness Immersion Course - April 2011Griggers' write-up on his blog
Wilderness Immersion Course - April 2011Mike Hammond credits Woodlife Trails for his recent close encounter:
Countryside and Woodland Awareness - July"Just like to say thanks for the CWA course on Sunday, my eight year old daughter really enjoyed it. On the way home she slept like a log, must have been all the fresh air but when we got home she couldn’t stop telling everyone about the time in the woods and the animal tracks she saw. When JP acted as a deer in the stalking exercise her imagination took off and the story really got embellished in the telling! Looks like I’ve got a bush baby in the family. She really enjoyed it and wants to come back again another day.
Thanks again guys it was a really good day.
Woodfest Show - Hatfield Forest"I have been inundated with huge amounts of feedback from people saying that they really enjoyed the Festival and the great atmosphere...this was without doubt due to the quality and enthusiasm of the wonderful array of stall and demonstrators, and so it was due to you that the Hatfield Forest Woodfest 2011 was such a huge success." - Ian Pease National Tust
Team -Tracking Corporate Event - Oct 2011“Thanks for giving us the opportunity to really appreciate our surroundings and to learn skills that are useful both in business and our personal lives. A very exciting and challenging day…”
Wilderness Immersion Couse October 2011"Wow, what a great course, I've been struggling for days to think of something intelligent to write! Thank you for a wonderful weekend: I learnt loads, had great fun, observed wildlife in a totally new way and de-stressed too. There were so many tips and techniques to take way from this course and apply in my own time. Plus I'm inspired to learn more too. When's the next course...?! ;-)" - Linda
Wilderness Immersion Course April 2011I thought the course was a real eye-opener in the very literal sense! It was fascinating to learn about yourself and how your senses can me enhanced (and tricked) to help and improve your chances of observing wild life at close quarters. We all had great success and saw lots of animals tha we would have probably scared off before we had done the course. The pace of the course was absolutely perfect, as it was very relaxed and friendly which encouraged us to all relax more and slow ourselves down to a slower more observant pace. I have been on other courses where there are a lot of nasty surprises which put everyone on edge and reduce the ability to listen and learn. But this course was totally the opposite and I totally believe that we all learned a huge amount which was down to the great atmosphere and the excellent instructors. i would recommend this course to anyone who loves nature and being outdoors and want to learn more about wildlife watching and some basic tracking skills.
Woodland Tracker Course - Nov 2011There was a lot of information to take in and it made me wonder how many times I would have to practice and recap what I had learnt before actually putting it all into practice
Well I didn’t have to wait long. After lunch we were told to “Go Track Something”.......
To my surprise with 10 minutes of leaving the camp we picked up a fresh trail with lots of fresh spore. We followed the signs and were presented with splits in the track. There was evidence that both trails were in use but we used the knowledge that we had been given that weekend to speculate and determine the path of the fallow that we were tracking. We were reward with finding a big fallow buck and his herd of does. The feeling you get from actually tracking your first wildlife right up to where they stand is fantastic.
Wilderness Camp Course March 2012Thanks for an excellent and informative weekend (I need a new note book)
Warreners Course Feb 2013My favourite one so far! Context is everything........
Really appreciate the expertise and energy that goes into organising these things and can't wait for stage 2?!?? - Lee Saxby (Vivobarefoot)

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